Career-Related Programme Mini Toolkit: The Elements of the CP and PPS

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Explore all the elements that make up
the CP and PPS

Practical tools, classroom examples, and content from IB examiners, IB workshop leaders, and experienced CP Coordinators and PPS teachers.

This mini toolkit explores all the elements that make up the Career-Related Programme and the Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) course. This includes the overview and aims of the CP and PPS, and the outcomes of the CP and PPS.

Plan and prepare the best CP for your school with the tools in this mini toolkit.
Easy-to-understand explanations for all the elements of the CP and PPS subject guides
Printable downloadable resources and informative graphics for each element of CP

Classroom examples for using the aims, learning outcomes, and objectives in the CP

Why mini toolkits?

Mini toolkits are the perfect solution for

  • Busy teachers who don't have time to go through an entire toolkit.
  • Experienced teachers who are looking to refresh their knowledge in just one aspect of the IB subject guide.

  • IB Coordinators who want to deliver in-house professional development training in a focused and precise manner.
  • School administrators who want to ensure all their IB teachers have up-to-date training in IB teaching & learning best practices.
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Your digital workbook is designed to help expand your work on the core concepts within this mini toolkit. It is downloadable and may be be printed when you begin your Ibtrove session.


Earn a digital certificate that can be used for re-licensure (depending on your state or country).


IBCP Contributor Team

Denise Prociuk

IBCP Coordinator & PPS Teacher & Workshop Leader
Denise has been teaching in the IBCP since 2013. She spearheaded the IBCP in Chicago as one of the first Core teachers and was invited to The IB Global Centre in The Hague to develop the current curriculum. Denise also gave the first IBCP presentation at the IB Conferences of the Americas. She has led workshops on the IBCP Core Components and is on the IBCP assessment team. She has her master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Janna Nobleza

Ibtrove Academic Lead
Janna is an experienced IBDP Literature teacher whose experience includes teaching students in both the DP and CP in HL Literature, being a regional workshop leader, and an IB teacher mentor.

Ruth West

DP Coordinator & IB educator
Ruth is an experienced educator who has worked online and in schools implementing the IB. She has held a number of educational leadership positions which have all focussed on supporting teachers to improve classroom practice, curriculum delivery and pedagogy to help increase student outcomes.

Course Lessons

Some questions we hear often...

How does the toolkit help me as an IBCP coordinator?

This mini toolkit includes downloadable resources on the CP and PPS with classroom examples to show you how to integrate the aims, learning outcomes, and objectives into your programme and course.

Can an experienced IBCP coordinator and/or teacher benefit from using this mini toolkit? 

Definitely! With printable resources, our mini toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas to spark your creativity and get you excited about organizing and teaching the CP at your school.

Can I use this for all my teachers at my school and district?

Yes! This CP mini toolkit is designed to work with our other Ibtrove toolkits for a comprehensive and unified professional learning opportunity for all the IB teachers in your building and district.

Ibtrove reviews

"The interface so clear and easy to use, and lots of classroom examples were embedded in every lesson. I highly recommend it for any teacher new to IB or even as a quick refresher as you start a new school year!"
Ariana McAvoy
"Using Ibtrove courses I was able to get all 20 of my IB teachers trained quickly with minimal disruption to their schedule. Plus we saved quite a bit of money which was the cherry on top."
Richard Gant