IBDP Spanish B Mini Toolkit: The Internal Assessment

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Learn the Ins-and-Outs of the DP Spanish B IA,
the Individual Oral 

Practical tools, classroom examples, and content from experienced DP Language B teachers and DP Coordinators.

This mini toolkit focuses solely on the Individual Oral for SL and HL giving you the confidence you need to:
  • Plan the Oral
  • Prepare your students
  • Guide your students through this IA
  • Accurately mark your students

Prepare and mark your students more confidently with the tools in this mini toolkit.
Easy-to-understand explanations about the nature of this assessment with classroom examples
Best practices for marking and preparing yourself for facilitating the Oral successfully
Downloadable lessons & activities to use with your students to help them prepare

Why mini toolkits?

Mini toolkits are the perfect solution for

  • Busy teachers who don't have time to go through an entire toolkit.
  • Experienced teachers who are looking to refresh their knowledge in just one aspect of the IB subject guide.

  • IB Coordinators who want to deliver in-house professional development training in a focused and precise manner.
  • School administrators who want to ensure all their IB teachers have up-to-date training in IB teaching & learning best practices.
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Bonus content!


Your digital workbook is designed to help expand your work on the core concepts within this mini toolkit. It is downloadable and may be be printed when you begin your Ibtrove session.


Earn a digital certificate that can be used for re-licensure (depending on your state or country).


DP Spanish B Contributor Team

Rachelle Eastep

former DP Spanish B teacher & DP Coordinator
Rachelle is a newly retired public educator of 32 years where she had the honor of serving as her school’s DP Coordinator and Spanish B teacher.

Margarita Hanschmidt

DP Language B teacher
Margarita began teaching Language B in 2011. She has her master’s in School Administration from Tartu University and a master’s degree in Teacher of English from Tartu State University in Estonia.

Course Lessons

Some questions we hear often...

How does this mini toolkit help me with IA?

This mini toolkit includes downloadable resources, informative graphics, classroom examples, and explanations to help you prepare your students for the IO, conduct your IO (including writing your guiding questions and preparing your subsequent questions), and detailed marking guidelines.

Can an experienced DP Spanish B teacher benefit from using this IB mini toolkit? 

Definitely! With printable resources and classroom examples, our mini toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas to spark your creativity and give you more ideas for how you can prepare your students for the IO.

Can I use this mini toolkit for all my teachers at my school and district?

Yes! This DP Spanish B mini toolkit is designed to work with our other Ibtrove toolkits for a comprehensive and unified professional learning opportunity for all the IB teachers in your building and district.

Ibtrove reviews

“I felt the course was very helpful in detailing the specifics of the assessments and gave a great overall big picture of the IB Program. I would highly recommend it.”
Nancy DeYoung
“The course was great! I loved being able to do it in the comfort of my own home. I liked the combination of written information and videos.”
Jennifer Robinson, M.Ed