DP Language B
Teacher Toolkit 2.0

A teacher toolkit for Language B teachers that includes:
  • Unit plans
  • Lesson activities
  • Scope & Sequence ideas
  • Best practices
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Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is for
new & experienced DP Language teachers

Learn best practices and be inspired with new unit plans and lesson activities to engage your students and better prepare them for their IA and EAs.

This toolkit includes:

  • Unit plans
  • Lesson activities to scaffold the IA and EAs
  • Scope and sequence ideas
  • A workbook to record your notes
  • A completion certificate

Inside this Toolkit

Teachers love us

The course [DP Language B Teacher Toolkit] was great! I loved being able to do it in the comfort of my own home. I liked the combination of written information and videos.
Jennifer Robinson, M.Ed, DP Spanish B Teacher
Everything that you cannot find in the subject guide is very useful and helpful. Worksheets, Templates, Quizzes, Assessment tasks with provided grades and comments, LP examples, and TOK questions.
Elina Shakaryan,
DP Russian B Teacher
An essential buy!
Sam Dawkins
DP Chinese B Teacher

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any special tech or equipment to do this toolkit?

Nope! You just need a computer or smartphone to access the internet!

How long do I get access to this toolkit? If I go through a section, can I access it again later?

Your subscription lasts for 1 full year. You have access to all sections of the toolkit for the entire year. You can go back through any section as many times as you like and whenever you wish.

I don't teach Spanish, French, English, or Chinese B. Is this toolkit still for me?

Yes! While this toolkit includes examples in four languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, and English, the information in this course can be applied to any language available for study in the DP Language B.