Career-Related Studies Connections

Key Learning Takeaways of this Session

  • Written by experienced IB teachers (workshop leaders, IB coordinators etc.)

  • Downloadable course companion workbook to record your learning activities

  • PDF resources and classroom examples (Aims, Learner Profile, ATL, IA, EA...)

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This session provides:

  • Practical information by seeing unit and lesson plans from expert teachers

  • Best practices for your Career-Programme with downloadable resources you can print and use today

  • A workbook to structure your learning 

  • A digital completion certificate

Authors & Contributors

“Denise spearheaded the IBCP in Chicago and was invited to the IB Global Centre in The Hague to develop the current CP curriculum; she leads workshops on the CP Core Components as well.”

Denise Prociuk


“Janna is an experienced IB Literature teacher whose experience also includes being a Regional workshop leader, EE supervisor, and DP Teacher Mentor.”


Janna Nobleza

“Wendy has taught IB Literature through three cycles of curriculum changes and serves as DP Coordinator, EE supervisor, and CAS coordinator.”


Wendy Edleman


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