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We know IB teachers lead busy lives so we have laid out a few hats you can wear while working with us. So scroll down below to find the role that best fits your schedule and interest.

Share a resource, course module, classroom activity, unit planner, etc. to add into the IB subject that you are passionate about. We will edit, adapt and add to our course or platform.


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Fellow IB teachers thoughts on working with us

“Working with Edtrove has been an engaging experience.  The idea of building IB resources and sharing them online with IB educators around the world was a bit daunting at first. However, the process was based on a series of supported and well guided stages.  Each stage was aimed at creating resources that incorporated the IB core components in thoughtful and thorough ways.  There was also the aspect of professional pleasure in contributing practical products to the IB community and supporting other educators in the quest to produce authentic IB learning material with ongoing relevance in our world of accelerating change. I would recommend  working with Edtrove to other teachers, authors, course designers and reviewers from around the IB world.  They are good people to work with and the opportunity to connect with the IB educators to build and improve IB learning resources is both valuable and rewarding. ”


Heather Wilson

“This has been my first experience of being an author and I was a little nervous as to the expectations of me and the volume of work to be done within the timeframe. As I began the task I quickly realised that I was very well supported by Edtrove and that they were not fazed by my many questions. Mutually agreed deadlines have been put in place and I have worked at a pace that is very manageable with a full-time teaching job. I have thoroughly enjoyed carrying out this work and it has allowed me to fine-tune tasks and think about my justifications and uses of each task in more detail. Producing these materials has given me a unique opportunity to effectively teach the teachers - something we do not necessarily encounter in our everyday teaching days. I thoroughly recommend getting involved as an author or a reviewer if you get the chance. I feel more connected to the IB curriculum, and have a set of freshly reworked ideas to draw on in my own classroom”

DP Contributor

Paul Harris

“Working with Edtrove is a very rewarding experience.  It has made me think more carefully about my own teaching and reflect on what resources are most effective with my students. I appreciate the advice and guidance from my editors and have greatly expanded my professional network by connecting with other teacher authors. I was looking for a different professional challenge to go along with my teaching and Edtrove provides that challenge ”