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Practical tools, classroom examples, and content from IB examiners, regional workshop leaders, and experienced MYP Design teachers.

  • Classroom examples
  • Best practices

  • Unit plans

  • Student samples
  • Lesson ideas & activities
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Easy-to-understand explanations for creating your unit of inquiry including the key & related concepts, global contexts, & statement of inquiries.

30+ Printables and infographics to use in your classroom and deepen your knowledge.

Student samples and teacher videos to help you plan your MYP Design course.

Unit plans and lesson activities to spark your creativity!
Bonus content!


Take notes, keep track of your assessment marks, and reflect.


Earn a digital certificate that can be used for re-licensure (depending on your state or country).

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MYP Design Contributor Team

Amber Trunfio

MYP Design Teacher, DP Design Tech Teacher, & IB Assessment Team Member
Amber has been teaching MYP Design (and DP Design) since 2013. She teaches at a fully authorized IB World School that offers IB to students from K-12. She works closely with the IB assessment team and is the mother of an IB student. She feels fortunate to be able to combine her two passions of science and art into her teaching career.

Deryck Ashcroft

MYP Design Teacher
Deryck has been teaching MYP Design (as well as DP Design Tech) since 1993. He is an experienced IB teacher who shaped the design curriculum at his school. He also led the Teaching and Learning Conversations team at his school.

Brycen Davis

MYP Design Teacher & Technology/Innovation Coach
Brycen is focused on creating personalized pathways that teach fundamental design and technology skills, further enabling creative products or solutions to be developed for action-based service learning opportunities. 

Sally Hirsch

IB Educational Consultant
Dr. Hirsch has worked with the IBO since 2009 in roles including a workshop leader, curriculum reviewer, test bank developer, author, and online learning developer. She has extensive curriculum development expertise in the MYP IB program.

Some questions we hear often...

How does the toolkit help me with teaching MYP Design?

This toolkit includes 30+ downloadable resources all focused on supporting you as you teach MYP Design. The course includes:
  • Detailed information on building your unit of inquiry
  • Classroom examples and downloadable examples from experienced teachers
  • Best practices, videos, and audios to support you in becoming a more effective MYP Design teacher

Can an experienced MYP Design teacher benefit from using the IB toolkit? 

Definitely! With over 30+ resources, our toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas to spark your creativity and get you excited about teaching MYP Design.

Can I use this for all my teachers at my school and district?

Yes! This MYP Design toolkit is designed to work with our other Ibtrove toolkits for a comprehensive and unified professional learning opportunity for all the IB teachers in your building and district.

Bundle this toolkit with our other Ibtrove toolkits to create a customized learning plan for your teachers!

Ibtrove reviews

"I thought the course [MYP Design] was great! I felt much more confident starting the year. Finally a course more specifically for Design!!! The IBO courses teach you how to fill out the Unit template, but not what to do in class and how to present the content of it. I would definitely recommend it."
Nathalie Beaujon
"Using Ibtrove courses I was able to get all 20 of my IB teachers trained quickly with minimal disruption to their schedule. Plus we saved quite a bit of money which was the cherry on top."
Richard Gant