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Good teachers are essential in building and maintaining a successful IB programme.

Ibtrove is here to help!

With our full range of IB teacher toolkits, there are tools & support for everyone!

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Reasons to use Ibtrove with your IB teachers

#1. Significant savings for IB professional development and learning.

#2. Host in-house trainings using our toolkits and workbooks.

#3. Bundle toolkits together so all your teachers get the tools they need for the year.

#4. You know teachers are up-to-date in their subject (teachers can email their certificate to you as confirmation).

#5. Happier, less stressed teachers!

#6. Flexible scheduling for professional development since toolkits are available 24/7 for a full year.

3 Ways to use Ibtrove Toolkits at your school

The Deep Dive

Subscribe each of your IB teachers up for their subject-specific toolkit.

Then select one or more additional toolkits for added support:
  • MYP Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning
  • MYP Projects
  • DP Extended Essay
  • DP CAS
  • Approaches to Learning & Teaching
  • IB + SEL

The All for One!

Subscribe all your IB teachers to the same toolkit. Use the workbook and discussion threads to collaborate.

We recommend selecting one of the following toolkits for this learning plan:
  • Approaches to Learning & Teaching
  • MYP Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning
  • IB + SEL

The A La Carte

Subscribe your new(er) IB teachers to their subject-specific toolkits.

Add toolkits for extra support for your more experienced teachers if:
  • Their subject guide changed this year
  • They are struggling and looking for extra support
  • They may be switching subjects next year & you want to get them prepared ahead of time

Don't forget yourself! We have toolkits for IB Coordinators and supervisors too, including the ATL/ATT toolkit, MYP IDU mini toolkit, MYP Projects toolkit, and the IB + SEL toolkit.

When you bundle, you save!

Bundle our IB Teacher Toolkits to get all your teachers trained, together! Save money and support your teachers!

Pick any 10 Teacher Toolkits (10 user licenses) to save even more!

Original Price: $1799.00
Bundle Price: $1499.00
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How do I get my teachers subscribed?

Decide which toolkits you need (you may want to use our "3 Ways to use Ibtrove's Toolkits" to help you decide) and how many teachers you will subscribe to each toolkit.

Purchase with a credit card:

 Go to the toolkit and enroll the teacher directly. You will then be guided through all the details and logistics.

If you'd like to bundle toolkits together for multiple teachers, simply click the bundle option below.

Purchase with a purchase order: 

Email your purchase order along with:
  • A list of the toolkits you are subscribing to
  • A list of each teacher’s name, subject, and email address who you will be subscribing to cs@myibsource.com.

Need help?

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